Astroczat: Our esoteric services for you!

Our esoteric services for you!

Welcome to the world of secrets and prophecies, where each card, star and symbol has its own unique story to tell. As your Fortune Teller, I am here to help you discover the depths of your soul, your life path and the invisible forces that shape your fate. Get ready for a journey full of insight, inspiration and transformation!

Each Fortune Teller’s Forecast is not only a prediction, but above all a journey into the depths of your soul, discovering your true desires and potential. I’m here to help you on this fascinating journey!

Ask Your Fortune Teller Martin Novak:

  1. Zodiac Signs Matching
  2. Your Dream Interpreter
  3. Tarot Spread. Ask Tarot
  4. Your Lucky Numbers
  5. Ask the Oracle of the I Ching
  6. Your Magical Runes
  7. Teleradiesthesia. Advanced Pendulum Fortune Telling
  8. Eremite. Prayers of Intercession and Intention
  9. Sigils. Protective Magic and Symbols of Power
  10. Your Individual Success Forecast

Our services

  1. Partner Matching of Zodiac Signs: We have an extraordinary proposition for you that will open new horizons for you in your search for the perfect partner. Our Zodiac Sign Matching service combines a variety of astrological and esoteric methods to provide you with the most comprehensive compatibility analysis.
  2. Your Dream Interpreter: Dreams are messages from your subconscious. Our dream interpretations will help you decode these messages and use them for personal development and solving problems in everyday life.
  3. Tarot Spread. Ask the Tarot: Tarot spreads will help you understand past events, clarify current situations and predict future possibilities. Our cards speak a thousand words and our readings are a bridge between you and the deep truths hidden in your subconscious.
  4. Your Lucky Number: Your numbers carry vibrations that influence your life. Our numerology services will help you understand these vibrations and use them to your advantage. From life path analysis to annual forecasts, our numerology is the key to a deeper understanding of yourself and your destiny.
  5. Ask the I Ching: In your search for a deeper understanding of your life path and your desire to tap into the wisdom that has endured through the ages, the I-Ching Oracle becomes your reliable guide. The I-Ching Oracle, also known as the Book of Changes, is one of the oldest and most respected divination systems in the world, offering unique insights and guidance.
  6. Your Magic Runes: The ancient wisdom of runes is waiting to reveal its secrets to you. Runes, used by Vikings and shamans, are an ancient divination system that has been a source of knowledge and inspiration for centuries. Now you have the chance to delve into their magical world and discover what they have to tell you.
  7. Teleradiesthesia. Advanced Pendulum Divination: Advanced Pendulum Divination with Biometers is a divination method that uses special diagrams and graphical schemes – biometers – to interpret energy and answer specific questions. This method allows for precise examination and diagnosis of various aspects of life, from health to relationships, from spiritual to material issues. By focusing on specific biometrics, the pendulum becomes a tool for receiving detailed and personalized tips.
  8. Hermit. Prayers of Intercession and Intention: Prayers of Intercession and Intention is a unique spiritual support that offers an individualized approach to prayer, focusing on the personal requests, intentions and needs of those seeking spiritual relief, support or guidance. Eremita is here for you to provide you with personal and focused intercessory prayers for people, loved ones, or specific situations you are facing.
  9. Sigils. Protective Magic and Symbols of Power: Protective magic is an art that for centuries has provided a shield against negative influences and surrounded its practitioners with an aura of positive energy. Thanks to it, we can protect ourselves from bad thoughts, negative energy of the environment and secure our spiritual and physical existence. Symbols of Power, Sigils, Talismans, Amulets, Energizers are your tools in everyday life full of challenges and opportunities.
  10. Your Personal Fortune Forecast: Our predictions are the key to understanding your unique life path. Based on your date of birth, we create detailed forecasts for the most important areas of life: love, career, health and finances. Using astrology, numerology and other ancient knowledge systems, our forecasts are not only a guide to upcoming events, but also a map to personal development and self-fulfillment.

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Remember that every day is a new page in the book of your life, and we are here to help you write it.

With optimism and faith in the stars, Your Fortune Teller Martin Novak

Twój Kabalista. Odkryj Swoją Przyszłość z Kabalistą

Recommendation for the Use of Professional Services in Health, Financial, Investment, Legal and Business Issues

Dear Friend,

It is important to remember that all information and advice provided in the areas of health, finance, investments, law and business is of a general nature and cannot replace individual professional advice. While I strive to provide you with valuable knowledge and support, I always encourage you to consult with appropriate experts in these fields.

For health concerns, I always recommend consulting your doctor or other qualified medical professional. They have the knowledge and experience needed to provide you with the right care and advice regarding your health.

When it comes to financial, investment, legal and business matters, it is always worth using the services of appropriate professionals. Financial advisors, lawyers, investment advisors and other experts in these fields have specialized knowledge and experience that can help you make informed and responsible decisions.

Remember that each situation is unique and appropriate expert advice is crucial to achieving optimal results. Therefore, I always encourage you to consult appropriate experts depending on your specific situation.

All information and advice I provide is of a general nature and is intended only to inform and inspire. I am not responsible for decisions made based on this information.

Remember that your health, finances, investments, law and business are important, so it is always worth using the help of appropriate specialists to obtain personalized and reliable advice.


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